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We have been satisfying cravings since 1953!


In September of 1955 the Mudd family purchased Wheeler’s Handout for the outlandish price of $3000.00 and it has been in the family ever since.


In 1955 you could buy a hamburger there for 30 cents. The population of Nampa was about 14,000 and every one knew where Wheeler’s was and no one in the fast food business had to advertise.  All the kids who drove knew where these "stands" were, as we called them at that time. 


Hugh, Catherine, Serona, and Tom were the only employees for about the first 3 years. The drive in then was located where Les Schwab tire store was and in 1958 was relocated to its current location.  The original building was later moved to Lake Lowell and has been added onto and still exists as a restaurant. Things remained the same for many years.


A new building was built in 1962 and remained there until 2003 when it was demolished and rebuilt. The high standard of quality of our food however has remained unchanged for 60 years. The only difference is additional items have been added. We still make our own French fries and corn dogs. Kathi, the third generation, can be found there most days along with a couple of fourth generation burger "slingers".


We are as old fashioned as we can be and will remain that way as long as we can. For a truly old fashioned hamburger experience, if you have never been there you need to give it a go.





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IMPORTANT NEWS - Change is hard! Our Lemons to Lemonade story:


Wheelers has been proudly serving our long burgers to our wonderful customers for 64 years. We had every intention of continuing that service another 64+ years. Unfortunately, the machine that mass produced these patties broke and due to its age, our co-packer decided to not repair it.


After much consideration, heartache, and sleepless nights we have what we believe to be an awesome solution. We welcome you to try our new and improved burger - made the way you want it.


We are still serving a high quality patty, (100% ground Beef NO Fillers), but they are bigger with more toppings, and options. We are also giving you the ability to add them to a meal to make ordering easier.


We belive in this new burger and hope you will love it as much as we do! We also look forward to continuing to serve you and Wheeler's fans in the Treasure Valley. Thank you for your continued support!